Dog backyard playground

Create a fun and safe backyard playground for your dog with these top ideas. Give your furry friend a space to play, exercise, and explore with these exciting and engaging options.
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When we moved into our home this past September, we knew we wanted to renovate our yard into a sensory paradise for our two dogs, Bindi and Rosie.Our yard isn't huge, so we planned to use of every square inch and make the most out of what we had into sensory garden.Here's how I planned what elements to add into our Sensory Yard, and I hope it inspires others on how they can do the same!PART 1: THE SENSESThe senses. 5 unique, ever-present groupings that completely affect how we interpret the…

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There is no limit to the ways you can save money and get enormous satisfaction from making things for your dog. We have combed the web to find DIY projects for every kind of dog care item. Here are some of our favorites. 61. SEMI DIY DONUT ROPE dOG tOYYour dog will enjoy playing with […]

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You find your pooch moping around because there's good weather outside yet they are not allowed to go out. What better way to grant this request than to set

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