Dog feeding

Discover creative dog feeding ideas that will keep your furry friend happy and healthy. From interactive feeders to homemade treats, find the perfect solution to make mealtime fun and nutritious.
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WHAT'S IN YOUR RAW FED BOWL? 🐓 Boneless Chicken Thighs 🐔 Chicken Hearts 🐮 Beef Liver 🍣 Salmon 🖤 Chia Seeds (ground) 🥬 Cabbage (boiled) 🫐 Blueberries 🐝 Bee Pollen 🥒 Cucumber 🦴 Bone Broth 🦟 Bug Off- Herbal Supplement 💊 Manganese, Zinc + Kelp (this is part of my dog's daily meal; some items were fed earlier in the day) 🐩 Some additions included in the boys’ meals are not necessary to meet their nutritional requirements, but are beneficial to their overall health & are rotated into…

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So, you’ve got a speed-eater. For your cat or dog, mealtime is the best time, and the second you set down their food bowl, they’ve gobbled up all of their food. It may seem harmless, but eating too fast can be dangerous for your pet. Eating too fast can cause your pet to gag, vomit, or even choke. Why do pets eat too q

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