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Learn how to embrace your dog's zoomies and turn them into a playful bonding experience. Discover top ideas and tips to keep your dog happy and active.
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Why Does My Dog Get The Zoomies After A Bath?

Maybe you can relate: every time you finish giving your dog a bath and release him from the bathroom, he immediately starts zooming around the house and rubbing against everything in sight. Why is that? What we call “the zoomies” or “the crazies,” scientists call a FRAP – Frenetic Random Activity Period. Whatever you call it, it’s amusing to us humans but seems joyful for our pups. There are lots of theories out there, none of which have been verified, ... Read more

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Why Do Dogs Get the Zoomies? A Guide to Zoomies in Dogs

Dogs get the zoomies for a variety of reasons. In most cases, zoomies don’t indicate a problem, they’re merely a way for your dog to let off some steam. Assuming a dog is happy, watching it get the zoomies can be a truly amusing thing to watch! Of course, there are some scenarios where zoomies might indicate that your dog is stressed or in discomfort. Find out more about dog zoomies in this post. #dogs #zoomies #pets

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Dog Zoomies: What is it and What to do

We have all seen it; the crazed look in their eye and a sudden dash too and fro across the living room. Their butt is tucked low, and they are on a mission to run as fast as they can to nowhere. It is entirely natural to think your beloved pup has lost its mind. What's really happening is your dog is experiencing dog zoomies. Thank goodness the research shows that zoomies are perfectly natural, and there are tons of studies on the causes and how to deal with it. Dog Zoomies occur in most…

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