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Transform your doors into eye-catching displays with these creative ideas. From seasonal decorations to personalized designs, find inspiration to make a statement with your doors.
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Next academic year I will be moving from Year 3 into Year 4 which has involved moving all of my things upstairs to a new classroom. I saw it as a good opportunity to freshen things up a bit and try some new ideas. Many of the teacher blogs I follow often share their classrooms so I thought I'd join the club. Enjoy the pictures! This is the inside of my classroom door. Hopefully it'll inspire the children a bit and they'll look forward to coming in every day. I saw a similar idea here. This…

Dan B
Be the Reason

16 Kindness Bulletin Board Ideas These kindness bulletin board ideas will give you all the inspiration to spread kindness in your classroom! Encouraging children to be kind to one another is important, but not always easy. In