Ductless heating and cooling

Upgrade your home with energy-efficient ductless heating and cooling systems. Discover the benefits of these versatile systems and create a comfortable environment all year round.
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Mini Splits In House - Why You Might Want Them

A new home offers a blank slate to choose whichever heating and cooling system you prefer. Mini-splits are an excellent option because they don’t need ducts, are highly efficient and controllable, and will lower your running costs over the long run.

Rose Faranal
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Mini Split In Attic - A Good Idea?

Mini-split heat pumps don’t require ducts, making them a great option for heating and cooling an attic or other difficult-to-reach home areas. They can provide 100% efficient heating down to 0°F, and cooling during the summer months, giving you year-round comfort.

Charity Foster
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Mitsubishi Ductless Replaces Wood Stove in Sherborn Farmhouse

The family in this farmhouse was tired of sweating through the summers and wanted a system to provide heating and cooling relief. Here's how N.E.T.R., Inc. installed a multi-zone Mitsubishi ductless heating and cooling system for the family to replace the gas heat and wood stove. This new system will give the family pinpoint control over their comfort in every room!

Mike Mattox
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3 Advantages of a Ductless Mini-Split System

A ductless heating and cooling system is a highly-efficient, space-saving, and simplistic way to heat or cool an indoor space. These systems go by many names, including split, mini split, multi-split, and split-ductless systems. No matter what you call them, these systems always function with two basic components: One small unit installed high up on