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Experience the joy of riding a Dutch bike with its classic design and comfortable features. Find the perfect Dutch bike that suits your style and explore the beauty of cycling in a whole new way.
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The Dutch invasion (or show us your DUTCH bikes) - Bike Forums

Classic & Vintage - The Dutch invasion (or show us your DUTCH bikes) - I have never rechromed a fork (yet). There,s a galvanizer around the corner, but it's just a tad bit too costly to do it. On Steffen's Presto: looks like that fork had the socks indeed, with a chromed forkcrown. Very nice . I hope you're lucky

Silvia Coutinho
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Achielle "Dutch", drive side, in front of Flying Pigeon LA

These bikes are made with the typical insane level of weather-proofing that seems to come standard on most Dutch bikes. The nice touch with these bikes are the colors they come in. That cream really sets off the rich brown of the Brooks leather saddles and matching handlebar grips.

Daniel Santiago Guevara
Yep, totally gonna have one of these when I have kids :) http://www.findingdutchland.com/happiest-kids-in-the-world/ Bike Gadgets, Dutch Bike, Velo Cargo, Family Bike, Velo Vintage, Cycle Chic, I Want To Ride My Bicycle, Custom Bike, Cargo Bike

The 8 Secrets of Dutch Kids, the Happiest Kids in the World

According to Unicef’s most recent Child Well Being in Rich Countries survey, Dutch kids ranked as the happiest kids in the world. Dutch kids led the way in three out of the five categories, namely- material well being, educational well being, and behavior and risks. Unicef Germany isn’t the first research organization to come to ...

Jana Johnston

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