Duvet cover sizes chart

Confused about which duvet cover size to choose? Our helpful chart will guide you in selecting the right size for your bed. Get a comfortable and stylish duvet cover that fits perfectly.
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Don't know about your area but here in VaBch/Norfolk Friday was July Sew Day. It wasn't just another sew day this one had a little spice. Our local PBS Station, WHRO, was filming and interviewing for a piece they are doing on the work Elaine and I do for and about QOV. It is apparently a new segment on events and people around our area that support our active military and veterans. To be chosen as the first story is quite an honor. We will post and link what we can when it becomes available…

Ruth Gordon
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Let’s be honest: Duvet covers are wonderful! Because as much as most of us love new bedding, the price of brand new ones can be discouraging. Investing in new duvets every time is not a very wise monetary decision, which is why sewing a duvet cover is an important skill to have. Whether you are