Eclectic entryway

Create an inviting and eclectic entryway with these unique and stylish ideas. Make a bold statement and welcome guests with a touch of personality.
Organised entryway ideas for a calmer start to your day

Are you always rushing around in the mornings trying to get yourself [and perhaps your children] ready? Does it make you feel stressed trying to arrive on time because you can never find what you need on the way out the door? Do you have clutter piles lying around your home because you don't have anywhere to put things when you arrive home? The answer to all of these problems could be as simple as an organised 'drop-zone' entryway - one of the best ways to stay organised and create a calmer…

Kathleen Degnan
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It’s no secret that New York City apartments have weird layouts. Entryways, in particular, can be challenging. They are often cramped, oddly long and narrow, or downright non-existent. So, I was thrilled when my boyfriend and I found a place with a hallway wide enough for a credenza and a shoe rack last year.Getting the rest of the apartment in order took all my creative project energy. So, our entry sat neglected for the first year–an underutilized and poorly designed space.

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