Eco friendly ornaments

Add a touch of sustainability to your holiday decorations with these unique and eco-friendly ornaments. Discover ideas to create a festive atmosphere while being environmentally conscious.
Dried citrus DIY Christmas ornaments for the tree are an eco-friendly way to decorate! Dehydrated fruit is beautiful, inexpensive, and compostable. Christmas Decorations Eco Friendly, Eco Friendly Christmas Ornaments, Dehydrated Fruit Christmas Tree, Dehydrated Fruit Ornaments, Tree Christmas Ornaments, Fruit Ornaments Christmas Tree, Eco Friendly Ornaments, Sustainable Christmas Ornaments, Eco Friendly Christmas Tree

As someone who thoroughly enjoys any excuse to decorate (I blame my interior designer mother), decorating a Christmas tree has always been one of my favorite holiday traditions. We don't have space in our small apartment to store many Christmas decorations, let alone a collection of ornaments, so this year I used DIY Christmas ornaments made

Kelsey Renz
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I’m a big fan of anything that is multi-purpose & eco-friendly — and these birdseed ornaments hit ALL the right notes & are perfect for kids to make!

Maridean Williamson
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These easy to make eco-friendly Christmas tree ornaments are beautiful, fun to make, and made with natural or recycled materials.

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A festive style that looks beautiful in any home. Made with dried oranges, limes, they smell like Christmas. Set of 4. No more plastic pollution these are biodegradable and can be used year after year. A true eco Christmas. Made to order to reduce wastage. This product is not edible or fit for human consumption And keep away from animals

Amy Hergott