Egg beaters

Discover how egg beaters can add a healthy twist to your favorite dishes. Try these delicious recipes and elevate your cooking game with egg beaters today.
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Egg Beaters are convenient liquid egg products that come in Original, Southwestern Style, Garden Vegetable or Cheese & Chive flavors. They can be a healthy addition to your low-calorie or low-carbohydrate diet if you are trying to lose weight, or to your regular diet if you want to increase your protein intake.

Karen Maxwell
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My WW leader loves Egg Beaters. She talks about all the different things you can do with them all the time. I've never been a big egg person, so using this as a substitute doesn't bother me. Up until recently, I just made scrambled eggs with them. I'd throw in some cheese, and it was a low point breakfast. Then I started getting a little more creative. I'd saute some veggies and mix them in. Then I started putting the whole thing in half a lavash. It made a breakfast wrap for only one extra…

Alisa Norrey