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The Life of Trailblazing Artist Dame Laura Knight | Victorian, Pre-Raphaelite & British Impressionist Art | Sotheby’s British, Art, Portrait, Artists, Victorian Pictures, Artist, English Artists, Impressionist, Impressionist Art

The 13 December sale of Victorian, Pre-Raphaelite & British Impressionist Art will include a varied selection of works by Dame Laura Knight and a highly sensitive portrait of Laura by her husband Harold in which she is holding one of her canvases and surrounded by books – her hair is fashionably"u2026

Frances Ann Vallejo
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"[A] great poet and patron saint of truth turned his singular eye to the question of creativity. Walt Whitman (May 31, 1819–March 26, 1892) explores this abiding mystery in a few verses some three hundred pages into Leaves of Grass (public library | public domain) — the 1855 masterpiece that nearly broke his career before making it, then gave us his timeless advice on living a vibrant and rewarding life. "

Jim Lerman
Queen Elizabeth I: The Virgin Queen Portrait, Tudor History, Tudor, Portraits, National Portrait Gallery, Heritage Image, Tudor Monarchs, Queen Of England, Mary Queen Of Scots

With her huge, dramatic collars, ghostly pallor and flaming curls of red hair, Queen Elizabeth I’s image is etched in royal history. Trained from a young age to see power and strength in public image, she cultivated a persona that was both pure and powerful. Unwed and without children, she portrayed herself as the chase,...

Lindajane Keefer