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h2. After seven years as Creative Director of _British Esquire_, David Mckendrick is off to set up a new venture with _Wallpaper*_ art director Lee Belcher. As his final issue hits the newsstands, David reflected on his time at one of the UK's leading magazines and picked out a selection of his favourite covers...

Esther Matas
Esquire’s 35th anniversary issue cover featured JFK, Robert Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. watching over Arlington National Cemetery. Lois said of the cover, “We pay homage to an idealized, saint-like John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in this dream-like epitaph on the murder of American goodness.” Esquire, Jfk, 35th, 35th Anniversary, Issue Magazine, See Photo, Sale, Anniversary, Treasures

George Lois was the genius graphic designer responsible for the legendary series of covers of Esquire magazine that were an icon-shattering and icon-defining commentary on the ’60s. This collection of the best of those covers includes short anecdotes by Lois, but the chief interest is in the pictures he created. 1. Andy Warhol Drowns in His Own Soup - May 1969 A celebration of the Pop art movement, the cover featured Warhol ironically in a Campbell’s soup can. According to Lois, “When this…

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