Euclidean geometry

Discover the principles and theorems of Euclidean geometry, and unlock the secrets of shapes and patterns. Dive into a world of lines, angles, and proofs to deepen your understanding of this timeless branch of mathematics.
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Euclid (c. 325 BC – 265 BC) – Greek Mathematician considered the “Father of Geometry”. His textbook ‘Elements’ remained a highly influential mathematics teaching book until the late 19th Century and is one of the most widely published books in the world. It has had a lasting influence on the sciences -, especially in mathematics. […]

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Euclid and His Contributions Euclid was an ancient Greek mathematician from Alexandria who is best known for his major work, Elements. Although little is known about Euclid the man, he taught in a school that he founded in Alexandria, Egypt, around 300 b.c.e. Source for information on Euclid and His Contributions: Mathematics dictionary.

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