Fabric scissors

Upgrade your sewing kit with the best fabric scissors to make precise cuts and achieve professional results. Find the perfect pair of scissors for your next sewing project.
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Can you use fabric scissors on paper? How important is it to keep them separate? With this guide, learn the Difference Between Fabric Scissors and Paper Scissors. This page answers nearly every question you might have about the various types of scissors. Beyond fabric and paper types, even! If you want your scissors to last and stay sharp, then you won't want to miss reading this article that covers everything you've ever wanted to know about all the types of scissors you have in your home…

Mar Chamberlin
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I interviewed 3 companies that make fabric scissors and/or sharpen them. Here's their professional advice on how to sharpen fabric scissors and pinking scissors. The best way to sharpen fabric and pinking scissors is to send them to a professional sharpening service. Expect to pay about $7 - 20

Kathryn Gleason