Fallout nv

Immerse yourself in the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout: New Vegas. Discover thrilling quests, unique characters, and endless possibilities in this critically acclaimed RPG. Experience the ultimate adventure and shape the future of the Mojave Wasteland.
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ArtStation - Fallout 3 & NV - Centaurs Remake, Joseph Simpkin (TheFriedturkey) Design, Concept Art, Art, Fallout Creatures, Fallout 3, Monster Concept Art, Fallout, Skeleton, First Time

This is a creature I had a lot of fun remaking this creature. I wanted to really up the gruesomeness on this one compared to my other creatures to really convey that sorta horror of coming across one of these abominations for the first time. This has a fully custom skeleton thanks to HcGxGrill along with behaviours and stuff. I also animated it but I dont have any videos but this can be downloaded off nexus mods if you want to check it out yourself. All in all I'm really proud of this one!

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