Fallout power armor

Unleash your inner wastelander with these epic power armor designs inspired by Fallout. Find the perfect suit to survive the post-apocalyptic world and dominate your enemies.
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T-60 power armor (Fallout 4)

T-60 power armor is a power armor set in Fallout 4. The T-60 series of powered combat infantry armor is an evolution of the T-45 power armor design.[Non-game 1] Following quiet testing between the government and West Tek, as part of its long-standing defense contract,[Non-game 2] the T-60 entered service after the conclusion of the Battle of Anchorage, mere months before the nuclear apocalypse, the T-60 was rapidly deployed and extensively used by the U.S. Army in all theaters. Deployments…

The T-51 power armor is a power armor set in Fallout 4. First seeing service - and inherently, great success - in the Anchorage Reclamation campaign, the T-51 power armor soon became standard issue for the army's armored infantry regiments. Developed at the West Tek research facility, the T-51 was the peak of pre-War power armor technology. It saw continuous service throughout the Great War, and is thought to be the force that drove the Chinese out of Anchorage. T-51 Power Armor, Power Armour Fallout, Fallout Armor, Fallout 4 Armour, 3d Printed Robot, Fallout Power Armor, Fallout Wallpaper, Fallout Cosplay, Fallout Concept Art

T-51 power armor

T-51 power armor series was the pinnacle of mechanized protection before the Great War, the armor provided a valuable balance of protection and mobility.[1][2][3][Non-game 1] Formally designated Powered Infantry Armor Model T-51, it was created by West Tek under contract from the United States government, and represented the company's single largest contract.[4] Following a ten year development cycle, the T-51 finally entered service in June 2076, after final testing at Fort Strong.[5] The…

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