Famous black people

Explore the lives and achievements of famous black individuals who have left an indelible mark on history. Discover the stories of these remarkable individuals and be inspired by their legacy.
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In 1934, a young woman stepped off the train in Los Angeles’ Union Station. Even in a city swarming with beauties, eyes would’ve fastened on her. She was astonishingly lovely — tall and lithe, with dark glossy hair she wore pulled back in a style that offset her porcelain skin and blue eyes. Everyone who…

Why Moon
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They say that winners write history and the losers - poetry. But in this case - where the following women were absolute winners - they were unfairly left out of the pages of history books. Or just mentioned in a sentence or two, failing to provide them the credit that they deserved. As so many marvelous inventions and creations can be credited back to these amazing people, Bored Panda feels the need for these names to be heard. Because as history and the media shows us - the voices of black…

Patricia Nesbitt