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Explore the enchanting realms of fantasy maps and embark on epic adventures. Find inspiration for your own imaginary worlds and create your own captivating maps.
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How to Draw a Mountain Lake on your Fantasy Map — Map Effects

It’s one thing to draw a lake in a nice open region, but how can you realistically draw it tucked into the mountains? In this map tip, we’ll look into how a lake forms, and then help you to learn how to draw one on your fantasy maps!

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Coastline Cheat Sheet for Fantasy Maps - Map Effects

Not sure how to make your coastlines more interesting? Here is a little cheat sheet to give you some ideas on how you can make your fantasy maps more dynamic! #rpg #dungeonsanddragons #fantasy #pathfinder

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How to Draw Canyons on Your Fantasy Maps — Map Effects

Canyons are a striking feature of any landscape and can really be a focal point in the story you're telling. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw canyons that bring a sense of depth to the landscape and make your fantasy map really stand out.

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The Ridge Determines Mountain Height | Fantasy Map Tip - Map Effects

One way to make your fantasy map more believable is to vary the size of the mountain ranges. Not all mountains in our world are the same height, and they shouldn’t be in your story either. If you are using the Ridgeline Mountain Method, then how you draw the initial ridgeline will play a large role

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How to Draw Coastlines on a Fantasy Map - Fantastic Maps

I’ve realised I have a particular workflow for drawing coastlines in my maps. Here’s a quick walkthrough. Each step is done on a new layer in photoshop, and I use a 5px hard round brush in each case with size set to pressure. However, all of these steps can be done in Gimp – or … Continue reading "How to Draw Coastlines on a Fantasy Map"

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