Feather quilt

Experience ultimate comfort with our selection of feather quilts. Discover the perfect quilt to keep you warm and cozy throughout the night. Upgrade your bedding and enjoy a restful sleep.
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Last month when I showed the photos of Chloe's graduation quilt, Wings to Fly, I suggested that I'd have more to say about feathers at a later date. Well, today's the day! I have found these feathers to be pretty easy to do, especially if you are already familiar with improv tech

deb stanton
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Say CHEESE! The opening of the Dorothy Collard Challenge Exhibition happened at Lake House Arts Centre in Takapuna, Auckland on Tuesday - April 29th. I made it down for the official opening and prize giving. No, I didn't win a prize - but I sold my quilt, 'Freedom from Physiology' so I'm one happy lady! Seeing as I probably won't ever see it again, I thought I'd share the process of making it. The theme was 'The Space Between' and I contemplated lots of ideas before I decided to look at the…