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Enhance the visual appeal of your film with creative and captivating credits design. Discover top ideas to make your film credits stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience.
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Need More Templates Like Film Credits? Check Out My Collection! The Description This is a versatile template that gives you a variety of ways to create your film credits. These are slot based, meaning credits are controlled by slots, which gives you more control over rearranging, shortening, or lengthening your credits. You can also control the speed of your credit rolls, colors of the flare, reflection, media, and background. These credits consist of an alpha background, which means you can…

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Rosanna Webster and Phoebe Henry met while studying Illustration at Brighton, and have since collaborated a handful of times on film projects. “Being close friends makes for a pretty direct and honest working relationship,” the director duo say. “We have a similarly tuned aesthetic, which makes the process of working together very natural.”

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Optimistic, Exploratory, Inquisitive, My name is John, great to meet you,I used to study history and now I study narrative and telling stories (basically the same thing). For the past few years I've been freelance editing for various ad agencies and media companies. Shooting films is my passion while editing provides me with the outlet to craft the detail of story I want to tell. Let's make something together that people will take with them.

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35mm Film style title card text effect for Photoshop Overlay this effect over text and create a realistic 35mm film style text that can be used for many different applications, the style includes. Lens blur effects and film grain work to mimic the subtle imperfections you get from the hand-made film projected movie titles. The download 1 x ZIP file containing PSD file

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