Finger food that can sit out

Discover mouthwatering finger food ideas that can sit out and stay fresh for your next party. Impress your guests with these easy-to-make and crowd-pleasing snacks.
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If you're planning a fancy sit-down meal you won't need these, but if you are catering for a buffet, rustling up easy snacks when friends are coming over or looking for tiny snacks to eat in just one bite, these are for you! These 22 one-bite appetizer recipes are all easy to make and can be eaten in one bite without the need of silverware or plates. Some might be easier to eat with a toothpick while others are casual comfort food that can be eaten with the fingers!

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Do you call them Shish Kebabs, Kebobs or Skewers? Well, whatever they are called, they are a summer favorite of mine. I love how colorful Skewers are and the ingredient and flavor combinations are endless. Sharing some Skewer Recipe Ideas from around the web that look absolutely amazing! As always, please click on the link above