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Explore the fascinating history of the First French Empire and its impact on Europe. Discover the key figures, battles, and events that shaped this powerful empire and changed the course of history.
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With a laurel crown upon his head and the Grande Armee at his command, Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of the French, led his sovereign proto-nation down a path diverging from the Republican principles it fought so long to uphold, espousing devotion to the spirit of the revolution under autocratic rule - his rule.

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Fusilier, Grenadier and Voltigeur The box art from the HaT French infantry 1808-12 gives an idea of the look of the French line infantryman on campaign. Note the variations in trousers, water canteens and great-coats. The rigours of Spain would produce even greater variation, but Fusiliers were still required to remain clean shaven. Detailed highlighting requires a good brush French Line Infantry Painting Tutorial Part One Sorry for a delay in producing this second post, life has demanded…

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The Battle of Waterloo was the last battle of the Napoleonic Wars in which the ambitions of the French Emperor were seen to be crushed at once. Despite his long-standing genius in the campaign, Napoleon was unable to defeat the Allied armies, and the Prussians finished determining his fate by coming to the aid of …

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