Flash gordon

Embark on thrilling adventures with Flash Gordon, the legendary space hero. Join him in his mission to save the universe from intergalactic threats and discover the excitement that awaits in this action-packed sci-fi series.
they had her rolling on that hay bed way too suggestively for saturday morning cartoons.  but i heart her. Batman, Animation, Star Trek Animated Series, Greatest Adventure, Flash Gordon, Space Opera, Comic Heroes, Sorceress, Live Action

Princess Aura is Ming the Merciless' daughter. She falls in love with Flash Gordon and risks her father's displeasure to protect him. She's jealous of Dale Arden and will resort to anything to defeat her rival for Flash's attention. Princess Aura first appears in the fourth installment of the "Flash Gordon (comic strip)". When Ming orders that Flash be shot, Aura impulsively stands in front of Flash, rescuing him. Flash disappears down a trap door, and Aura jumps down to follow him. She…

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