Flint knapping

Learn the ancient art of flint knapping and create your own beautiful stone tools. Explore expert tips, techniques, and resources to master this fascinating craft.

Junkyard flint knapping is my new favorite thing because it takes a piece of trash and recycles it into something else entirely with just a few taps (okay, more than a few taps). But watch Shawn Woods find an old bottle and then reshape it with tools that consist of an antler, a screw, and like a needle thing. He just…

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Everywhere around the globe, hundreds of stone artifacts enthusiasts dedicate their time to striking stones with specialized tools, striving to fashion flawless arrowheads or knives. This endeavor, known as flintknapping, is seen by many as an intricate pastime or artistic pursuit, which was assumed

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After my success with making a steel for my flint and steel kit I thought I'd have a go at making some basic knapping tools. :D Did a bit of research last night and this is what I came up with. https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/-qzFODGhrV38/U0axMt9p9JI/AAAAAAAADsI/nJOdZ8YA0uQ/s720/Flint%2520Knapping%2520tools.jpg The top two need a bit of fettling still, the bars are from a 110v plug I had spare, so will need filing to shape (they split when hammered) Next is a shear just a bit of

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Pressure Flakers were used in a number of forms in order to shape flint, and other similar materials, into ever more intricate and detailed tools. Things like the pointed tines of antler are perfectly acceptable but the discovery of copper certainly opened up a new world of tool production that...

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