Discover unique and practical uses for forks beyond just eating. From DIY crafts to innovative household hacks, explore these creative ideas to make the most of your forks.
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My first day in Washington I decided to drive around the whole Olympic Peninsula. My first stop was to see the coast. After spending an hour at the beach I drove to Forks, Washington. Yes, I love Twilight. They had Bella's car in the welcome center. I only drove through Forks, but I did drive by a couple places from the original Twilight movie. After I went to Forks I drove through the Olympic National Forest and stumbled upon a waterfall with my name! Here are a couple pictures from Olympic…

The Helpful Art Teacher: ATMOSPHERIC PERSPECTIVE Impressionism, Landscape Paintings, William Turner, Lucerne, Joseph Mallord William Turner, English Art, Tate Gallery, Landscapes, J.m.w. Turner

Below is a landscape of some hills. What do you notice about the color of the hills as they get farther away? What do you notice about the value (how light or dark the hills are)? Does the value and color change? Let's talk about the color first. Why do the hills in the distance appear bluer? Are they really bluish gray? No. If you were to hike over to the hills in the distance they would be just as green as the ones in the foreground. So what is going on? Now let's talk about value. The…

Caitlin Giroux