Fragrance samples

Find the perfect fragrance samples for any occasion and explore a world of scents. Try before you buy and find your signature scent today!
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Who doesn’t like to smell nice? In fact, the feeling of getting a compliment on our favorite perfume feels absolutely great. If you’re a perfume lover, it stands to reason that you enjoy trying out new fragrances. It can, however, take a toll on your wallet. So isn’t there any way to save money? Thankfully there is- and that’s perfume samples.

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Our natural, perfume samples are packaged in a portable, glass vial. Each vial holds .6ml of perfume oil. The perfume samples are ideal for travel, your pocket, purse, even on your dresser.Each perfume is handcrafted with fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, and high quality fragrance oils. They are alcohol and chemic

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Are you undecisive and have a lot of fragrance samples, or do you have a great friend who gifts you a lot of samples, or are you both? I am both, so I have a very happy collection of fragrance samples. The problem is where to store them because they’re teeny vials. I wanted them to be accessible an

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About this item 🌠 All perfumes are unused and are brand new. Due to regulations, products containing alcohol are partially filled by the manufacturer. Not all sample bottles are filled to the top. Some manufacturers intentionally fill their samples to "half full"; however, the contents are correct. 🌠 You will receive a mixed lot of 12 designer fragrance samples Range from 0.02 oz to 0.05 oz,and come with a convenient, pocket-sized pouch. 🌠 Best gift idea for events 🌠 These perfume…

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