France bridge

Discover the most beautiful bridges in France and immerse yourself in their charm and elegance. Plan your trip to France and experience the architectural wonders that these bridges offer.
Bridge of Pierre over Garonne River ~  Bordeaux, France Bordeaux, Zero, Country, France Bridge, Bordeaux France, France Landscape, Louvre, Bridge, Voyages

One day, I accidentally took the wrong tram back home. By the time I realized my mistake, it was sunset and the tram stopped right at Pont de Pierre on the Garonne River. Seeing the bridge lit up against the beautiful sky, I just had to get off the tram and soak it all in. Thank goodness for taking the wrong tram. Pont de Pierre, Bordeaux, France

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Eiffel Tower, Seine River and Pont d’léna Bridge in Paris, France - Encircle Photos Gustave Eiffel, Paris France, Paris Travel, People, Dubai, Tours, Paris, Eiffel Tower In Paris, Eiffel Tower

What started as the entrance to the 1889 World’s Fair drew harsh criticism from the Parisian elite. But Gustave Eiffel believed his 81 story structure – consisting of over 18,000 pieces – would be as important as the Egyptian pyramids. He was called mad and insane. Today, the famous architect is considered visionary for creating […]