Fridge shelves

Maximize the space in your fridge by organizing your shelves. Discover creative ideas to keep your fridge tidy and find what you need easily.
This is so handy for all the small things you can never seem to find a home for in the kitchen! We do love clutter-free countertops. Home Organisation, Diy Furniture, Design, Ikea, Home Organization, Storage Spaces, Refrigerator Organization, Fridge Storage, Refrigerator Storage

Small kitchens have to make good use of every scrap of space, and the side of the refrigerator is often wide open and begging to be used. What about taking down the magnets and pizza menus and putting up one of these side shelves instead? These two over-the-side-of-the-fridge shelves leave something to be desired in their aesthetics; we think they’re fairly clunky and verging on kitschy. But they do look terribly practical!

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Fridge Side Shelf Refrigerator Spice Storage Rack Wooden Hanging Organizer with Paper Towel Holder, 3 Removable Hooks for Pantry, Cabinet, Kitchen, Narrow Place, White : Home

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