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Discover natural and cosmetic techniques to achieve full, luscious lips. Get inspired by top ideas to make your lips the focal point of your beauty routine.
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We're A Makeup Artist Founded, Latina Owned And Operated Cosmetics Company Based Out Of Miami. We Offer High Quality Cosmetics At A Comfortable Price Tag For All To Enjoy. We Are Dedicated To Celebrating Culture Through Cosmetics With Our Vibrant And Intentionally Created Beauty Products.

Tessa Penick
Who decided that big fat lips are what everyone should have? If you need to inject something into your lips, you are going to end up looking like a duck. Dark Lips, Lips, Eyeliner, Pink, Beautiful Lips, Full Lips, Soft Lips, Natural Red Lips, Maquiagem

A place to promote my books---go me!!! To express myself & to share my opinions on life. Personal pictures posted have been taken with my cameras or phones over the years and copyrights are clearly on them. The name: Mistress is an old term for the married woman of the house & an animal owner. Obviously "Mendy" is who I am. Maxim means a succinct formulation of a fundamental principle, general truth, or rule of conduct. That is exactly what this is.

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