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Take your gaming experience to the next level with these top ideas for creating immersive game environments. From stunning graphics to realistic sound effects, discover how to make your game come alive.
ArtStation - Sword's Rest - The Legend of King Arthur Challenge, Juan Aguilar Blond Amsterdam, Concept Art Landscape, The Legend Of King Arthur, Wallpaper Seni, Personaje Fantasy, Výtvarné Reference, Concept Art Tutorial, Desen Anime, Landscape Concept

Sword's Rest - The Legend of King Arthur Challenge, Juan Aguilar

Hello everyone! This is my entry for the Artstation The Legend of King Arthur, Game Environment/Level Art challenge. I had a lot of fun (and also stress) while doing this challenge. This is my first fully fledged environment. At first I was going to base it on a concept art but I decided to give it a try and make it based on my own ideas. I chose a stylized style because I wanted to challenge myself and test my habilities in color and lightning. I spent most of my time trying to get these…

Nizaam's Game Art Blog: Elements of game design, part two: art direction for games Deepwoken Art, Natur Wallpaper, Game Background Art, Concept Art Tutorial, Background Drawing, Blog Art, Landscape Concept, Concept Art Drawing, Game Concept Art

Elements of game design, part two: art direction for games

Art direction is something I think as game artists me and every other student on my course are greatly interested in. The creative process of video games comes across as a very unique environment that branches into other mediums such as film and traditional artistry but again holds an exclusive outcome. Concepts are churned out by the art team following a brief or description that is given through the Art Directors who keep the team on the right path. Artists will typically do tons of work…


Nexus: Creating a Stylized World in Unreal Engine

Environment Artist Eric Tahiri shared a comprehensive write-up on creating the stylized world of Nexus, explaining how the waterfall was made, how the level's objects were blended together, and what techniques were used to guide the player.

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Kris Yu - “TAKEOVER - Abandoned Factory”

- I experimented and learned lots of new techniques during this project. All the custom assets are modeled in Maya and composed in Unreal Engine 5, using both tiling and baked textures in Substance Painter & Designer. -I had a lot of fun creating my custom foliage by using ZBrush to sculpt high poly and baked down to low poly, and I modified some variations both inside SpeedTree and composed by hand. Used Houdini to simulate the different variations of broken glasses, and the falling leaf…

Max Po
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Rock & Soil Concepts |4K Reference Images, Vio_Lemurian 🔰Product Link 👆🏼 🔰 If you feel your mind is empty of any ideas, it's time to go for "Reference-Images", which are great source of inspiration for artists since give them better understanding about their subject to create better ideas for their artworks. 🔰 here are 200 illustration to help you get inspired in filed of game/animation/illustration project. 🔰 what is produced by artificial intelligence cannot be compared to the artworks of artists, but…

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