Gandule rice recipe hawaii

Try this mouthwatering Gandule Rice recipe from Hawaii and experience the unique flavors of the islands. Learn how to make this traditional dish and impress your family and friends with a taste of paradise.
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Being from Hawaii all of us "locals" love to eat a variety of ethnic foods. Patele's and gandule rice are very popular for being sold on the side of the road...Unfortunately, it is hard to get in local restaurants, there are a few places but why not make it at home. After the first attempt of making it, I came up with this trial and error recipe. Everyone loved it. My family enjoys gandule rice leftovers in an omelet so try that with the day old extra's. I hope you like it... COMING SOON..My…

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Starting in 1900, immigrants from Puerto Rico were recruited to work on Hawaii’s sugar plantations. One of the plants they brought over to Hawaii was the large shrub called Gandule, which bore a bean used in many Puerto Rican dishes. Arroz con Gandule is a celebratory dish usually reserved for holidays. And like many cultural dishes that made their way to Hawaii, recipes were altered because traditional ingredients were not available in Hawaii at the time. Source: The Original Hawaii’s…

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