Garage party

Throw an unforgettable garage party with these fun and exciting ideas. Get ready to turn your garage into the ultimate party zone and create memories that will last a lifetime.
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If you’re having work done to your house, it should be for one clear reason – because you want to make your home . That said, it’s always reassuring to know that what you’re having done will add value to your house – after all, you never know when an unforeseen change of circumstances will …

Sarah Marwood
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My mother's garage was not that gross, but it was definitely not party-ready. As I mentioned in my last post, I saw these cute curtains from Pinterest.However, I needed to take this idea and use to for all the walls of the garage. I wanted black and white since it would go with his college colors of black and gold plus his school colors of green and orange (Yuck, I know!). I also wanted them pretty substantial so that I can maybe use them again in two years. I saw some sites mentioned using…

Ella Tupper