Garden bulbs

Enhance the beauty of your garden with a variety of stunning bulbs. Discover top ideas to create a vibrant and colorful outdoor space that will impress your guests.
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Don’t you just love spring? Cool mornings, bright green lawns brushed with nature’s paintbrush of various flowering hues. Spring-flowering bulbs, such as Spring-flowering bulbs, such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and more make a welcome addition to any landscape but they must be planted in the fall to enjoy in the Spring garden!

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The first step to planting fall bulbs for a garden bursting with spring color is to figure out how many bulbs you’ll need! We’ve put together examples of large and small fall bulb planting scenarios, complete with an estimate of how many bulbs you’ll need to create each look.

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Learn how to plant tulip bulbs in pots and bring vibrant colors to your balcony or patio! Discover the tips and tricks for successful container gardening with tulips, and enjoy a beautiful and fragrant spring display. Perfect for gardeners of all levels!

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