Garden clothesline

Discover creative and practical ideas for setting up a clothesline in your garden. Find the perfect solution for air-drying your laundry while enjoying the outdoors.
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If you are someone who likes to keep their habits eco-friendly and environmentally safe, then this article is the perfect thing you need! Find 25 cheap DIY clothesline ideas that will help you dry your clothes naturally using just sunlight. Making your own clothesline will help you save money and is a super fun activity to do with the whole family. You can personalize the plans according to your convenience, which is often not possible in store-bought ones. These projects are straightforward…

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I put up a clothesline today. My grandmother used a clothesline exclusively. Did not own a dryer. On rainy days she would hang stuff in the laundry room. GE makes clothes dryers. GE also makes parts for power plants. Hmmm... A clothesline is a great way to cut your power bill and reduce greenhouse gas emissions!

Yrma González