Gardening pants

Find the perfect pair of gardening pants that are both comfortable and stylish. Explore top ideas for pants that will keep you protected and looking great while you enjoy your time in the garden.
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Is gardening one of your favorite hobbies? 🌻 Growing pretty flowers, designing border layouts, cultivating veggies and herbs, harvesting fruit trees — it is work but it is also so much fun! As you reap the rewards of your labor you can look cute at the same time. We think it makes the effort much

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Winter festivities pass and Christmas trees are already undecorated but then, when it seems the real winter begins, pots with earth are immediately found on the windowsills of gardening fanatics' houses. They can't return from the store without another packet of seeds. And it's when the real Nordic gardening season begins - with windowsill gardening. Yes, there is someone who starts sowing already in January... It is one of the better things in the dark winter, bringing lots of joy, to see…

Christie Bawell