Girl minion

Get inspired by these adorable girl minion costume ideas and create a fun and unique look for your little one. Transform your child into a cute and mischievous minion with these creative costume ideas.
The Optioneer JM : MINIONS Mayhem for Mental Health Fictional Characters, Minions, Lol, Pin, Mario Characters, Character, Peach, Princess Peach

There you go: I made a mistake posting this on optioneerJM, intending to post on meanderingsABOUT .... I guess I'm off the beat or out of sync with blogging, having been on hiatus for the past month, with a mental health holiday in Mexico with my sister and mom, making new friends and what I anticipate enduring connections with some fabulous women: a Kat [who should launch her own shopping network, fashionista blog or vlog!! If I can help, I CAN], a Rose [a woman who lost her thorns and…

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