Golfers elbow

Discover the best ways to treat and prevent golfer's elbow. Get back on the course with these proven techniques and exercises.
Difference between golfer's and tennis elbow

Golfer's Elbow
Formally known as medial epicdonylitis

Pain on the inside of the elbow

Caused by chronic loading of the wrist flexor muscles

Occurs in 1 to 3% of the population

Tennis Elbow:

Formally known as lateral epicondylitis

Pain on the outside of the elbow

Caused by chronic loading of the wrist extensor muscles

Occurs in less than 1% of the population. Tennis, Physiotherapist, Tennis Elbow, Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Golfer, Massage Therapy, Health Statistics

Most of the time Golfer's elbow has nothing to do with golf, in fact 90-95% of recorded incidences have nothing to do with 🏅 sports at all. 🎯 Both conditions are formally known as either medial (golfer) or lateral (tennis) epicondylitis. The term epicondylitis refers to an 🔥 inflammatory event - that there's inflammation of some sort in the tendons of our 💪 forearms. However, more 📋 recent research shows that neither of these issues have much to do with inflammation!

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Homeopathy for Elbow Pain

Some joints are easy to ignore — until they cause problems. That's true in plumbing, and it’s certainly true in our bodies. For instance, how often do you think about your elbow? Well, okay, okay. Maybe you do when you hear your mother’s voice inside your head saying, “Take your elbows off the table!”

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The common name for lateral epicondylitis is “tennis elbow,” since it’s often seen in athletes who play tennis and other racket sports. Two injuries that are often misunderstood because of their common names are “golfer’s elbow” and “tennis elbow.” Both injuries are forms of elbow tendonitis, involving weakness in the tendons connecting the forearm muscles to the elbow. Both are caused by overuse and repetitive arm and wrist motions. So, what’s the difference?

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Tennis Elbow Classroom: When Do You Need An MRI For Tennis Or Golfer’s Elbow? Tennis, Fitness, Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Injury, Golfer, Stretches, Massage Therapist, Elbow

When should you consider getting an MRI if you have a Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow injury? Allen Willette from Tennis Elbow Classroom answers this question in this podcast episode. Which also covers several key, related questions including: Do I need an MRI to diagnose my Tennis or Golfer's Elbow? When is the right time to get an MRI scan – If at all!? What will the MRI tell me... what do the results actually mean? And are there any good alternatives? Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI for…