Green pasta

Elevate your pasta game with these delicious green pasta recipes. From pesto to spinach-infused dishes, discover new ways to enjoy this vibrant and flavorful pasta.
This 15-minute green pea pasta is nutritious, super quick, budget-friendly and creamy - but without any cream! Enjoy alone or as a side dish.

A super quick, easy and nutritious creamy green pea pasta with a vibrant and velvety sauce. Yep, it's comforting and creamy, but without any actual cream! It's the combo of feta and parmesan cheeses that provides the creamy richness here. Enjoy this pea pasta by itself for an effortless and budget-friendly midweek meal made from just frozen peas and a handful of other fridge and pantry ingredients. Alternatively, make it even more substantial by serving with meat or fish on the side.

Lois Jackman