Green Roof

Transform your home with a green roof that not only enhances its beauty but also promotes sustainability. Explore top ideas to create a lush and eco-friendly rooftop oasis.
The Moesgaard Museum in Aarhus, Denmark looks as if it is rising out of the ground. See more breathtaking and innovative buildings that are redefining architecture. Renzo Piano, Museum Architecture, Aarhus, Henning Larsen, Roof Architecture, Green Architecture, Salou, Earthship, Roof Design

7 New Buildings That Are Redefining Architecture

Defined by technological innovation, fearless formmaking, and novel engagement with setting, today’s most compelling architecture dazzles the eye and delights the imagination. Meet seven new structures—from museums to music halls, a soaring skyscraper to a clever community center—that are rewriting the rules

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Passive Cooling: Benefits of Green Roof

As the climate is changing we need to adopt some passive cooling techniques to cool down our house not just to depend on mechanical cooling because it harms our nature. Having these kind of passive techniques can bring lots of changes. To read more about passive cooling and green roof click on the image you will be redirected to the main article... #pin #pinterest #pinterestcreators #greenroof #roofs #passive #passivecooling #sustainable #evaporation #cool #nature #layakarchitect…

Biosolar green roofs - combining solar panels and green roofs Solar Panels Architecture, Green Roof Project, Green Roof Planting, Green Roof Design, Green Roof Garden, Green Infrastructure, Green Roof System, Urban Heat Island, Solar Panels Roof

Biosolar green roofs – combining solar panels and green roofs

Whilst it is increasingly common to combine solar panels with green roofs, true biosolar green roofs are where green roof and solar technologies are integrated in a seamless fashion. In addition, true biosolar green roofs , especially on extensive green roofs is also designed to maximise biodive…

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