Growing blackberries

Learn how to successfully grow and harvest juicy blackberries in your garden. Discover expert tips and techniques to ensure a bountiful harvest of these sweet and tangy berries.
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Find out where blackberry plants grow best. Plant them in full sun and use mulch to insulate the soil and retain water. New canes, or primocanes, don’t bear fruit. Prune second year floricanes to the ground in the fall after they finish fruiting. #planting #blackberry #bush

Sally Hall
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Learn about growing blackberries in potting soil in a container and enjoy delicious fruit after the first year as berries ripen. Blackberry plants love full sun. Discover how to plant, mulch, prune and harvest your canes, and which cultivars work best in containers. #grow #blackberries #pots

(Patsy) Lazy Dazy Digitals Davis
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Discover how to grow healthier blackberry bushes by companion planting them with beneficial plants. Bee balm and borage draw pollinators to your blackberry brambles. Nasturtiums and hyssop deter harmful insects, and they all grow in full sun. #companion #blackberry #plants

Athena Porter