Hammered wedding bands

Discover the beauty of hammered wedding bands and find the perfect ring to symbolize your love. Explore our collection and choose a unique and timeless design that will last a lifetime.

Hammered Wedding Band for Men and Women, Handmade of 14K / 18K Solid Gold with a Rustic, Raw Texture. When making this ring I wanted to share the process in which the raw gold goes through on its journey of becoming a fine piece of jewelry. It is handmade and involves the force of heating,melting and hammering, as well as the tenderness of hand polishing. The outcome of this journey ends with a unique raw rustic gold ring, there are traces of its journey along its trail. It is a ring to…

Magdalena Wiatrowska
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Introducing The Marsh & The Edisto: unique his and hers hammered yellow gold bands that pay homage to The South's tranquil shorelines. Available in 10k, 14k, & 18k, yellow, white and rose gold. Click to shop our Gold Wedding Ring Collection!

Rustic & Main
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A set of matching gold wedding rings with a rustic flat hammered texture. I make these to order in my workshop from 18 carat recycled gold using hand tools and traditional goldsmith methods. I use a heavy flat hammer that has a lovely weathered texture to transfer irregular creases and ridges to the rings' surface. There is also a subtle faceted effect as the hammer strike impacts areas of metal at slightly different angles. The thinner ring in these photos is 2mm and the wider one is 4mm…