Hanging bird bath

Enhance your garden with a unique hanging bird bath that attracts a variety of feathered visitors. Explore creative ideas to create a tranquil oasis for birds to bathe and drink.
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About this item Easy and Handy: Our handy hanging bird bath requires no installation tools, feel free to hang the bird feeder plate on a wrought iron hanger or tree branch while hanging bird water or bird seed to attract birds to your yard. You can sit in your yard with your family and relax as you watch the birds bathe, drink, feed and nest, and enjoy the sounds and sights of the beautiful bird. Design of Bird Bath Tray: Stainless steel hanging chain surface is polished, de-oiled and…

Kathy Rigdon
Lampshade Bird Bath - I happen to have one of these old shades in my shed. I know what project I will work on this weekend. Upcycling, Pottery Materials, Hanging Bird Bath, Best Bird Feeders, Glass Bird Feeders, Diy Bird Bath, Dinner Ware, Plate Flowers, Bird Bath Garden

Bath time

Pink These are very easy to make I got the old lampshades at garage sales and antique stores using the following I screwed the nut all the way up the screw then added a plastic washer on the eye screw so the nut won't scrape the glass I then inserted the eye screw the hole and used the plastic cap on the end I then added the hanging kit a viola it was complete From one of our readers: I love the idea, however if your lampshade is too deep, small birds will actually drown in them, especially…

Kate Soenen
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DIY Bird Bath

I love birds! I love watching them out my kitchen window. Birds are also great additions to your garden. I know they can have their issues, but I've been looking into ways of attracting birds to naturally control pests. I tend to try and use what I already have on hand when starting a gardening project. I found this great idea for making your own birdbath using a flower pot drip pan and a hanging plant basket. I read somewhere that pennies before 1982 contain a bit of copper which helps with…

Jill Erickson