Harry potter beer pong

Take your beer pong game to a magical level with Harry Potter-themed rules, cups, and decorations. Get ready to cast some spells and have a wizarding good time with your friends.
Easy DIY Quidditch Game.  Table Quidditch can be played as Quidditch Beer pong or as a fun game with kids on a points system.  Easy to make and very fun for Harry Potter fans of all ages!  Great for Harry Potter Birthday Parties, Showers, etc. Harry Potter, Harry Potter Party Games, Harry Potter Games, Harry Potter Party, Harry Potter Table, Harry Potter Theme Party, Harry Potter Quidditch, Harry Potter Theme, Quidditch Game

It's Harry Potter's Birthday! As many know, I'm a Harry Potter fanatic (need proof? check out my robes and etsy shop just for starters). Last year I celebrated Harry's Birthday with a Butterbeer Cupcake Recipe. This year, my sweet Harry is 35, and I decided to celebrate with his favorite sport--Quidditch! What You Need: 3 Sewing Hoops Dowel Rods (I eyeballed the length of mine...you might want to actually measure!) Sand 3 Glass Bottles 20 Solo Cups Ping Pong Balls White foam sheets Hot Glue…

Tayla Booth
Two Broke Women Doing Random Shit: Crafting: Quidditch Pong. Hoops, cups, balls, and custom house rules. Tables, Harry Potter, Ideas, Drinking Games, Beer Pong, Quidditch Pong, Beer Pong Tables, Harry Potter Party, Fun Drinking Games

Yesterday, while I nursed a slight hangover headache, I got together the pictures from Quidditch Pong. No action shots, but you should have seen these guys! My boyfriend and his brother absolutely dominated, and I'm scared to ask why my brother, who is seventeen and a half, was so good, too. (We play with water cups, so you are not required to drink alcohol to play.) I actually did not get a chance to play, nor did Brooke who still has never played beer pong! They switched to flip cup just…

Jaclyn Harwell