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Step into the enchanting world of Harry Potter with these library ideas. Create your own magical reading space with inspiration from the beloved series.
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Hi everyone! I'm very proud to present you my latest personal work, a personal interpretation of the Hogwarts library, I definitely give it a more cozy / Wood-look, just like if it was located at the very top of the castle under the roof, I also take a some of the book descriptions to try to match. I made this work during my free time, it took a long time but I'm extremely happy with the final result, a VR version is coming soon. Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/habrylo LinkedIn…

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And then, of course, there was the sheer size of the library; tens of thousands of books; thousands of shelves; hundreds of narrow rows.Description The Hogwarts Library was located off of a corridor on the first-floor of Hogwarts Castle and contained tens of thousands of books on thousands of shelves. Overseen by Madam Irma Pince, the library was where students could go to peruse or borrow books to supplement their studies (or for personal enjoyment).[4] The library closed at 8:00 pm.[5] The…

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There's no question that the world of Harry Potter is a sparkly magical wonderland where all one need worry about is not getting eaten by a Dementor (but how bad could that be, really?). But have you ever thought about the real-life wizardry that…

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Flourish and Blotts Bookseller was a bookshop in North Side, Diagon Alley, about halfway down the street on the left hand side.[1] Established in 1454,[3] it was where most Hogwarts students purchased their schoolbooks. The shop was filled with bookshelves stacked to the ceiling.[2] The shop had had a few problems with certain books, such as The Invisible Book of Invisibility which cost them a great deal of money to buy and had gone missing very early in its hours of being sold due to its…

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