Hating your job

Don't settle for hating your job. Explore strategies to find fulfillment and happiness in your career. Take control of your professional life and discover a path that brings you joy and satisfaction.
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Some jobs feel like a perpetual Monday. They’re draining and time seems to stand still no matter how many times you check your watch. But the reality is that most of us need work to survive, so we put on a brave face and go deal with whatever it is that awaits us there.

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When you hate your job, your whole world gets a little dimmer. I’ve had my share of bummer jobs, but I remember one that was particularly soul-crushing. I was waiting tables at a restaurant where I had to wear a tie as part of the uniform, and I found the whole thing rather humiliating. And […]

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A subscriber wrote in once to ask me about company culture and said, “I just want to work with healthy adults.” You’d think it shouldn’t be too hard to find a workplace with mature, fair adults who function well as a team, but there’s a lot of nonsense out there. The trouble is that bad […]

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