Healthy almond joy bars

Indulge in guilt-free snacking with these homemade almond joy bars. Made with wholesome ingredients, this recipe is perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth while staying on track with your health goals.
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Homemade Healthy Almond Joys (Vegan, Paleo)

I am jumping for JOY over these. If you know me, you know I love a good remake recipe. I’ve been playing around with several copycat recipes lately, it’s just so much fun to create favorites that are a healthier version! So, here are some HEALTHY vegan and paleo NO BAKE ALMOND JOYS. They have a creamy center made with coconut butter and shredded coconut flakes and sweetened lightly with maple syrup or honey. I actually didn't like Almond Joy and Mound bars as a kid. Anyone el