Healthy edible cookie dough recipe

Indulge in guilt-free cookie dough with this delicious and healthy recipe. Discover how to satisfy your sweet tooth without compromising your health.
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This low calorie, gluten-free vegan edible cookie dough recipe is easy to make and delicious. Just 106 calories per serving (1/8 cup, equal to 2 cookies) you can enjoy this no bake cookie dough without hurting your diet.Special Tip: Make sure to choose vegan chocolate chips if you are vegan or making this for a vegan... Regular chocolate chips have dairy in them.

Riley Steward
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Who doesn't love cookie dough? Now everybody can love it even more with this edible, gluten-free protein cookie dough! Just mix everything up and refrigerate to have yourself a delicious batch of edible cookie dough. And with 4 flavor options to choose from, there's a cookie dough flavor for everyone.

Jadyn Vermillion