Healthy tart

Indulge in guilt-free indulgence with these mouthwatering healthy tart recipes. Discover a range of flavors and ingredients to create a dessert that is both satisfying and good for you.

This vegan chocolate tart recipe is an easy no bake dessert! It's gluten-free, grain-free, oil-free, and made with healthy ingredients like coconut milk and almond flour. The soft and chewy crust is filled with a rich chocolate ganache. It's great for birthdays, celebrations, and perfect for chocolate lovers. No oven and no food processor needed! #tart #vegandessert #vegandessertrecipes #nobakedesserts #grainfree

Sunshine Wayne
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Apple Blackberry Crumble Tart (Vegan & Gluten-free) Keeping this blog short, sweet and to the point. I’ve had a really tough and heart breaking few months and I’m trying to adjust to major changes in my life. I’m finding it really tough and it’s difficult creating when you feel so low, but I still want to keep my blog and social channels as active as I can at this moment in time because it’s the only thing that’s keeping me going. Please bear with me while I find my feet again. Nadia xx…

Deborah Kuhnen
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Vegan Crème Brûlée Tart * This post is sponsored by Pure* An indulgent treat that’s free from dairy, eggs, gluten and nuts, yet still tastes insanely good! This vegan crème brûlée tart can be enjoyed by everyone and you won’t be able to tell there’s no eggs or dairy in there. Crème brûlée is such a yummy treat as it is, but served in a crust it tastes even better! This is a super fun dessert to make for friends and family and would go down a treat at dinner parties. Perfect to serve to…