Hidden compartments

Discover clever hidden compartment ideas to add functionality and security to your home. Explore unique ways to maximize space and keep your belongings safe and organized.
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Hidden storage has never been easier. The HiddenHinge helps homeowners creates a convienant way to hide jewely, cash, documents, medicine or firearms in a wall safe behind a picture frame. It's also the perfect solution to cover access panels, passageways or to just simply hide a storage niche in a wall. www.thehiddenhinge.com

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Above: A rare 19th century Italian desk, also known as King Carlo Alberto's desk, with several secret compartments. Learn more about antique desk styles. These days most people opt to store their cash and most prized valuables in banks or safety deposit boxes, but before the turn of the 19th century, neither of these services existed. Having furniture with hidden compartments was one method of protecting one's most valuable possessions against thieves - secret safes, false bottom drawers…

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Hiding our valuables is embedded into our nature - from caveman hiding a bone in an old pterodactyl's nest to you, searching for places to hide things in your room. Fear not for your possessions, because Bored Panda, has declassified a top-secret list that will teach you how to turn everyday household items into secret hiding places.

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