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Discover hidden outlet ideas to create a sleek and organized space. Upgrade your home with these innovative solutions for a clutter-free aesthetic.
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we are constructing a new house and i am thinking about furniture placement in family room. my question is do electricians actually put outlets in hardwood floors to accomodate side table lamps? also are holes put in new rugs to allow for cords? my husband is aghast at the thought, but how else to...

S-Box is the ultimate kitchen pop-up outlet. Splash rated, tested to 75,000 cycles, mounts "chameleon" so you only see it when you are using it. Fully UL, NEC splash rated and available in 15amp and 20amp options. Tested to 75,000 cycles to exceed the life of any kitchen.

The S-Box pop-up outlet allows you to conceal your outlet using a matching piece of your countertop material so it is hidden! Fully UL and NEC splash rated for use in kitchens and wet environments. Available in 15a and 20a models and ships from our North Carolina facility. The only Chameleon outlet!

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